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Elder Care Certificate
for Schools

Anyone who cares for or interacts with older adults will find the Elder Care Certificate program a wealth of information about issues facing our aging population. This program will transform the way students work with elders and enhance their status as caring individuals.

The curriculum is led by teachers who are certified by ImpactDS Consulting. Certified teachers will guide their students to:
  • gain expertise in dealing with the aging population,
  • have a better understanding of the challenges older citizens face, and 
  • be better equipped with the interpersonal tools to function as contributing members of a team.


Students who have earned
Elder Care Certificate of Achievement


Secondary teachers holding
Certified Trainer of Elder Care Certificate


High schools and career centers in Ohio certified to offer Elder Care Certificate program as industry-recognized credential

AS OF MAY 2024


ImpactDS Consulting, LLC was formed as a result of the passion of its founders, Anne Johnson and Myra Wilson, for providing resources to organizations who are seeking excellence from the C-suite to the front-line staff.


The Elder Care Certificate program came to life because of in-depth group discussions Anne and Myra led while they were employed by The Ohio State University with leaders in long-term care throughout Ohio. Those leaders identified talent development as a critical concern, not only with the clinical staff but also with the non-clinical personnel. As a result, Anne and Myra then conducted surveys of long-term care professionals to determine the desired behaviors that are most critical to serving elders, especially in structured environments such as senior living communities and home health. With the assistance of instructional designers Lynn Geist and Dyan Ellinger and funding by OSU CARES, the team created the customized curriculum and piloted the Elder Care Certificate program as a research project.

The results were highly successful. The four employers who participated in the pilot by sending staff to the initial 16-hour program gave high praise to the curriculum and to the behavior changes they witnessed in their staff after the program.

The curriculum was introduced to the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce  in 2020 as an industry recognized credential for high school health careers students. 

Elder Care Certificate is Copyright 2018-2024 Ohio State Innovation Foundation. Curriculum is reserved for the use of licensee ImpactDS Consulting, LLC, and certified trainers.

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