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The founders of ImpactDS Consulting are passionate about impact! We believe that the Elder Care Certificate impacts teachers and students, and subsequently elders, in a meaningful way. What better way than to hear the impact from those who have gone through the course – the teachers and students. In their own words:

Teacher: I loved teaching this program. The students did surprisingly well. I was worried they wouldn't take it seriously, but they really did. They participated and asked legitimate questions and added thought provoking comments.


Student: I can’t wait to use all these helpful skills in the future when I'm able to work in the nursing home. I’m excited to have the opportunity to give the elderly what they need and deserve. 

A leading expert in aging services, Randi Hamill, Workforce Director, LeadingAge Ohio, states:

The aging population is projected to increase dramatically in coming years. In response, job growth in elder care and, most specifically direct care work, will also experience significant growth to meet the care needs for older people. It is vitally important to expose students and individuals to the unique and rewarding career opportunities in aging services. The Elder Care Certificate provides excellent opportunities to introduce the field and generate interest for those that may otherwise be unaware of all the aging services sector has to offer.

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The Elder Care Certificate curriculum provides students with the essential interpersonal skills that employers are looking for in their employees, especially when it comes to working with the aging population. Clinical skills are very important, yet it is those essential skills (often times called “soft” skills”) that make the difference between a good employee and an outstanding employee.

Teacher: As instructors when we first started talking about using the Elder Care Certificate program in our class we thought it would offer some insight into working with the elderly.  However, the Elder Care Certificate is so much more than that. The students took a deep dive into who they are as a person and what they have to offer to others.  The students identified their strengths and talents that will be valuable and essential in working with the elderly population. I would recommend the Elder Care Certificate as a precursor into the State Tested Nurse Aide Program.

Teacher: We were able to place 5 students into medical offices as PCAs (patient care associates). One of our selling points to make this happen was that the students had obtained the Elder Care Certificate. This was groundbreaking for the Medical Careers Academy program!”

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