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In this 5-module program, teachers will guide the students to:

  • Identify basic characteristics and implications of aging.

  • Respond appropriately to ethical dilemmas.

  • Describe and practice the "caring presence" communication approach.

  • Define critical thinking and describe its benefits to working with older adults.

  • Describe the skills necessary for excellent customer service.

Check out below what each module covers.

Credential Testing:
2-Part Final Exam

Final Exam Part 1: Online Test

Students will access the proctored online final examination consisting of 25 questions, 5 from each module. Passing grade is 80%, or 20 correct answers.

Final Exam Part 2: Elder Care Project

Students will select an older adult and engage at least 4 hours of interaction that demonstrates the skills learned in the Elder Care Certificate training. Written reports about their experience must be submitted within 2 weeks following Final Exam Part 1. 

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Requirements for Student Success

To earn their Elder Care Certificate, students must complete the following:

  1. Attend all five modules,

  2. Complete homework assignments,

  3. Receive a minimum score of 80% on Final Exam Part 1 proctored exam, and

  4. Complete Final Exam Part 2, the Elder Care Project assignment.

Elder Care Certificate is Copyright 2018-2024 Ohio State Innovation Foundation. Curriculum is reserved for the use of licensee ImpactDS Consulting, LLC, and certified trainers.

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